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  • Be on time
  • Stretch before & after as a team
  • Bring a water bottle - label it
  • Use restroom prior to coming
  • Dress in layers - it can be very cold & windy - label ALL clothes
  • Wear appropriate running shoes - if you need new shoes or spikes, try Runner’s Haven (Route 10 in Randolph), mention that you are on our team and you should receive a 10% discount
  • Eating well and eating at the right time before, during and after meets and practices are just as important as the workouts we run at practice
  • You should eat before practice; however, it should be at least one hour before practice begins
  • Heavy and fattier foods such as hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, fried foods and pizza are NOT good choices before a practice
  • Lighter and healthier foods such as bagels, pasta, cereal, fruit and breads are much better choices
  • You will be much more comfortable and happier at practice when lighter/healthier foods are chosen
  • The same rules apply for meets, eat at least one hour before the start of the meet
  • A meet lasts up to 3 ½ hours and you will get hungry during the meet
  • To battle this, bring things to the meet such as nutrition bars, bagels, fruits and sports drinks to help stay hydrated and energized
  • Be on time – arrive 30 minutes before the meet is scheduled to start
  • Check in and out with your coach so they know when you arrive and leave
  • Try to stay for the whole meet to cheer on your teammates
  • Stretch before & after (very important to do this on your own as the coach may not have time to stretch as a group – particularly at the end of each race)
  • You must wear your uniform t-shirt (black t-shirt or white singlet); you may wear additional clothing under the- shirt if needed due to weather
  • Bring plenty of water and a healthy snack
  • Bring sunscreen and hat if necessary
  • Let your coach know by Wednesday if you cannot attend a meet - call if you are sick the day of the meet (9 & Up ONLY)
  • Stay with the team during the meet so the coach does not have to look for you when it is time for your event
  • Bring an activity to stay occupied: books, cards, games - NO BALLS on the field
  • We need plenty of volunteers; ask your coach how you can help at practice or at a meet
  • Only coaches and volunteers are allowed on the track during meets and practices
  • Remind your child to pick-up after they are done; drinks and all apparel
  • Please be on time for pick-up; the coaches can not leave until all the runners have left – make a plan for drop-off and pick-up – have your child stay with their coach until their ride home arrives – CLINIC: please walk your child in and out
  • Any questions, please contact your coach

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